Monday, September 10, 2012

blue as can be

I finally finished the other set of curtains I forced Mom to sew for me. And by finished I mean that I dip-dyed them with Dylon Ocean Blue fabric dye. Remember that other set? The one Mom made while I was napping? Well, she made this one, too. I basically just shoved fabric at her and went to sleep for a couple hours. When I finally awoke, it was because she was standing over me saying my name. Apparently, she wasn't aware how terrified I'd be to awake with someone looming over me. I yelped and about fell out of bed. Man, afternoon naps are so disorienting. As for these curtains, with the underwatery light they spread about my bedroom...well, they're dreamy, not disorienting...

When I bust out the dyes, I always like to spread them over multiple projects. So, I took the opportunity to dip-dye my new fieldguided tote bag (It was part of my birthday present from none other than Ms. Catherine. SISTER!!!). I gave Catherine a fieldguided tote for her birthday, and she felt compelled (smart girl) to return the favor. But she told me that she's been using her tote so much, the dye from her jeans was starting to rub off onto it. Disaster! Dyeing would soon be in order...I decided to beat my rude jeans to the punch. Suck on that, jeans. Dip-dye!

Do you want a lovely fieldguided tote of your very own? Of course you do. They can be found here.

Even though I didn't attempt to ombré dye the curtains, I did go for an ombré effect when I dyed by tote.
There's a great ombré tutorial on Shrimp Salad Circus, found here. Dye away!


  1. Your creative juices are really fantastic, Christine! And you did a good job with your curtain. It’s only a pair of cloth panel that you dip-dyed, but the outcome is very magical as you installed them to your windows. The bright rays of sunlight outside pass through the top; wherein the dyed area only absorbed it.

    Roxie Tenner


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