Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Succulents and Cacti, never too many.

So, I recently acquired some more little succulents and cacti, and I was so displeased to be forced to find yet
another home for them...and even more upset to have to throw up some curtains and hang some pictures to
dress their new home. (Obviously I am being completely facetious, decorating for succulents is a heavenly treat...)

I made these geometric clay beads a while ago, and I was going to use them for a necklace, but alas, the holes closed
 up when the clay dried (clay isn't a strong medium for me... yet). Not to worry, little beads, I'll find a new use for you!

To flare them up a bit and compliment the colors of the flora, I chose to paint them with some of my
lovely Martha Stewart pastels.

Here are the lucky chaps now, waiting patiently to move in.

I used broken terra cotta to absorb excess water and solve any poor-drainage problems a glass bowl presents.

Add soil.

And it's a bright and airy terrari!

I'm excited to swap out the summer decor and spice it up for fall with a bit of citrine.

Maybe I'll even add a sweet ghosty for Halloween...

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