Monday, February 13, 2012

Turkey & Peanut

My cat Penelope (Peanut) doesn't really know how to sit like a cat. Instead, she resembles a butchered turkey. 
Her little legs don't quite get tucked under so they look like turkey wings sticking out from her body.

Plus she's on the toilet in this one...

 She sort of did this as a kitten, but as she grew older, her "wings" definitely became more pronounced.

Because this brings me such enjoyment, I decided to felt a mini Peanut-Turkey in her honor.

Peanut loves her look-a-like.

Capturing a photo of Peanut in turkey-mode has become something that Nicholas and I try to achieve
each and every time. She's a quick one that Peanut, so we fail more than we succeed.


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