Thursday, February 2, 2012

I heart garlands!

Peanut is going to kick things off by showing off her love of paper heart garlands. Christine made this one last year.

Garlands much? Like every other crafty gal blogger, I am in love with garlands. If I had to pick one decoratation for any season or event it would be a garland. I understand no one is going to point a gun to my head and be like, You can only decorate with one thing! But if they did, I would be all like, Fine--I choose garlands!

What better (one) way to decorate for St. Valentine's Day than to bust out some garlands. These are some of my favorites.

Knitted hearts found here.

Paper heart chain via tinywhitedaisies

Paper origami hearts via howaboutorange

On My Honor's very own pom garland (made specifically for St. V's day)
found here

These little felted hearts are dainty and perfect for subtle decorating. Found here.

Who says that hearts have to be pink and red. I really adore this yellow and gray garland.

This is such a good idea! This might win the garland ingenuity award. These hearts are merely magazine clippings strung up.
The light hits them and they illuminate pretty St. Valentine's day hues...they can also be strung up in more of a chain format too.
Found here.

I hope you're slightly inspired to go make a garland...or to let your cat gnaw on one!

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