Monday, May 16, 2011

Squirrel World II

The squirrel has been up to no good in my recently planted plants. He (or she--I actually don't know) keeps digging little holes looking for the peanuts he thinks he's buried. Little does he know, when I was planting my plants I removed all the winter peanuts and tossed them in the yard. I think another squirrel picked them up. I know this because the other squirrel isn't as friendly as the first squirrel...the friendly squirrel that I, delightedly, coaxed onto my porch with peanuts.

Other squirrel

The friendly squirrel

OK, so this whole thing might be my fault. I tempted nature and now I'm getting my comeuppance. And that comeuppance is taking the form of exploratory peanut holes in my lettuce and lavender pots.

I am now withholding peanuts. Here's what that looks like.

I feel super guilty.

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