Sunday, May 8, 2011

My mom is a badass!

She really is.  I remember a couple of years ago on Mother's Day I made my mom a card.  It started out as a Powerpuff Girls card, but I decided to enhance it a little bit.  The inside said something like, "Happy Mother's Day to one badass mofo." The card was a hit.
This Mother's Day, Nick and I hung out with mother-dear at here house in Tacoma.  We did lots of stuff--I'll probably end up posting about today this whole week.  There was a frog, a bunny, some horses, ducks, Disney, cooking, eating, and lots of flowers and planting.

My favorite part of today was this sequence of events that accurately portrays how much of a badass my mom is.

Watch it!

She means business.

The victim.

The bounty.

The evidence.

She wasn't too sure about me taking pictures of her wielding a knife in the backyard.  Stay tuned for some delicious rhubarb treat and recipe later in the week.

Happy Mother's day Mom (if you actually read the blog)!!!

Oh yeah, and she knows karate!

She's like a honey badger! (but not really).

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