Monday, May 9, 2011

Brief Musical Interlude: John Maus

OK. I'm officially mini-obsessed with John Maus' "Believer". I ran across this little gem of a song while perusing All Songs Considered (one of NPR's music blogs), which I do from time to time...even though I'm not a huge NPR fan. (Why? I'm just not that into listening to people talk when I can't see their faces.) Anyway, their post may be found here. 

And I'll tell you this for free: If you buy music featured on NPR Music using one of NPR's links to Amazon or iTunes, a portion of your purchase goes to benefit NPR. Coolio, right? And I know you're blown away by my use of Coolio. It's all right. You can admit it.

If, like me, you're now utterly smitten with John Maus (you're welcome!), you can download "Believer" by heading over to Ribbon Music. You should really do that. Like now.

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