Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Myth of the Omnipotent Bill of Rights Pillow.

Did you know that Catherine and I both went to Eastern Washington University as undergrads? Well, it's true. And during our time there we did end up in a class together a time or two...actually three. Dream come true for us: nightmare of weirdness for everyone else in the class. Well, probably. There was this lovely Russian boy who cordially referred to us as The Sisters! Which we loved. No really, we did. 

I think Catherine would agree that the best class we ever took together was on U.S. History. Not only did we learn a lot in this particular class, but we also developed a huge nerd crush on our professor (who must remain, sadly, nameless). To set the crush scene: he was geekily cute, knew everything about everything, introduced us to The Southern Poverty Law Center, integrated youth slang (think props and trippin') into his lectures, and had asthma. Just like Teddy Roosevelt. Le sigh. 

We even named a stray cat visitor after our professor. True story. After the cat leapt into the air for like 15 minutes of playing with a toy in our living room, he got all wheezy. He was only a visiting cat. We let him in on the sly because we weren't allowed to have pets in our rental, even though the girls in the duplex next door did. Travesty!

Anyway, all this came to mind when I decided to mend the corner of my pillow. It's needed mending for the longest time.  Side note: I find it really difficult to take care of these tasks. In fact, I called my mom after sewing two buttons back on a jacket (one of which had been MIA for two years). The purpose of the call: to brag about finally sewing those buttons. Congratulate me already!

Catherine made me this pillow based on some of her notes from the aforementioned history class. She hand-embroidered it all and included the lined paper, date, and a little error from her notebook. Isn't it amazing? It's a total tribute to our professor and the knowledge he imparted. Oh man, just thinking about it makes me want to get the giant whiteboard out of Mom's garage and write study topics about William Tecumseh Sherman. Do you want to, Catherine? 

See those darkish spots? They're loose feathers. This pillow has been loved and loved and loved!

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