Thursday, May 17, 2012

Instaweek: California Edition II

The beach at Crystal Cove. It's bizarre visiting a beach where people are
actually laying on blankets in swimming suits. Does that ever happen on
Washington beaches? Um, no. Never. 

The main reason we chose to visit Crystal Cove? The tide pools!!!! There were
anemones, barnacles, hermit crabs, mussels, starfish, and all manner of oozes
and slimes. I found a giant loose barnacle, which I thought was uninhabited,
and snatched it up. Turns out, there was a live barnacle inside. It poked its
beak at me, and I squealed and threw it back in the surf. That's how I roll.

The sand and mudstone cliffs on Crystal Cove. I messed around with chunking
off a few pieces of rock and splitting them layer by layer, but then a lizard
startled me, and I thought I was going to get stung by a beach bee.
So, investigation abandoned. 

The very bee!

Catherine read Jaws on the beach. She told me not to take a picture of her face--
it was that kind of a day--but you can see a tiny bit in the lower right corner.
Ha-ha! Your face in your face, Catherine!

I found this intriguing collage among some beach debris. The white bit is
actually a kelp bulb which has been hollowed out and bleached. 

A bit of colorful seaweed. This was everywhere: white and pink and green.

Look at all these lovely layers. Monika and I examined them a bit while
Catherine read Jaws and kept the ants away from her rellenitos. 

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