Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Instaweek: California Edition III

Yeah, this actually falls under the insta-a-couple-of-weeks-ago-gram. I was waiting for one of the sisters to post something about Disneyland, but no one did!!! So now we're going with CHRISTINE'S DISNEYLAND. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. (That's supposed to be a villainous laugh.)

Here are some wicked fake crags at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
We rode a couple times, including once after dark. Monika is convinced
all the rides are faster after dark. Where's the logic in that?
 Any Disney insiders who can support or refute her claim? 

MONSTRO!!!! You can ride a little boat through his mouth. I think that's
part of the Storybook Land ride or something. Monika kept talking about it,
but she never delivered. Rudeness, sister, rudeness. 

Sadly, the Matterhorn was closed. But Monika has heard tell that the Disney
engineers or Disney-neers, as I've just decided to call them, were doing a
Brave makeover. 

Catherine smashed this quarter. Hold up. A quarter, you say? Yes, she is that
ritzy. And then we talked about how her hand looks like a butt in this picture.
True story. 

The ferris wheel in California Adventure. We didn't actually climb aboard
because the park was closing, but Monika, Ben, and I did take a wild ride
on that rollercoaster: California Screamin'. Hello? It goes upside down.

Lanterns suspended over the Teacups. The last ride of the evening was,
fittingly, Alice in Wonderland. Pretty black-light. Pretty magical. 

I feel like this caption should be: Y'all come back now! Too much?

In spite of the fact that I went into Disneyland without the necessary excitement (Catherine, especially, seemed bummed that I was not more psyched.), I had  a terrific time. I know, I know. Who would go to Disneyland and come away with a ton of complaints? OK, maybe me. But I didn't! So, you see, that counts as a Disney win...or maybe a sisters win.

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