Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Campbell House

I was stationed over at the Campbell House on Christmas Eve. We have an open house format around the holidays, with living history interpreters playing the parts of the house's inhabitants, circa 1910. I was playing the part of house security, and let me just say that I'm quite adept at smiling innocuously and keeping out of pictures. During the slow times, I wandered around the second floor and took some pictures. Without further adieu...

Wallpaper on the servants' side

Wallpaper on the family side

The linen and sewing room

The master bath

Helen Campbell's room

The yellow guest room

While the house is lovely and ornate, like something out of Masterpiece Theatre, I find it all a bit overwhelming. I mean, the place is gargantuan! I could never imagine living there: too much pressure. I can practically feel the residual Victorian constraints reaching out from the great beyond. 

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