Tuesday, December 20, 2011

suzie homemaker

I just finished a marathon baking session--over four hours of stirring and dough rolling and powdered sugaring. Dang, son! I am thoroughly dusted with every baking ingredient known to man, but I have treats to take tomorrow, so mission accomplished! Full details (recipes and pictures) will have to be left for tomorrow because I am tired, tired, tired, and there's a sink full of dishes. How do housewives manage? Riddle me that.

Here's a melange of treats. Hey, don't look askance at them.
I'm too done with tonight to make them look pretty.

These were baked by my dear friend Betty. I was beyond
excited when I found them on my desk this morning.  Beyond.

Here's poor, patient Matilds. All ignored while I'm baking.

And here's a dark, dark, darkling thrush picture of my tree.

A few things I've realized during tonight's baking escapades: 
1. I need more parchment paper. 
2. I would love a gel mat for the kitchen floor. 
3. And baking while listening to Gaga is the way to go. 

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