Wednesday, November 23, 2011

La la love you

Yep, that's a Pixies song, but it's also pretty dang close to La La Laurie of Laurie Cinotto Art and Craft fame. I'm thinking of Laurie because I saw her this weekend at the Artist Craft Fair at King's Books. I was way stoked when I checked Laurie's blog and saw that she was participating. I may have squealed, prompting Mom to ask, from the kitchen, "What are you doing back there?"

Anyway, Mom and I headed over to King's Books and each purchased a wee charm from Laurie--who is, I must say, unfailingly kind and gracious. If you have a moment, check out her craft blog (linked above) or her Etsy site, La La Laurie: Handcrafted Fancy Things. And as an added bonus, here are a few of her most recent lovelies from her Flickr stream.





P.S. Another reason to love Laurie: she's the headmistress of the IBKC. What's the IBKC? Why, The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, of course! Hey, we're sporting an IBKC badge. Psst, to the right of this post...

P.P.S. And because the Pixies definitely deserve big time props for retaining their awesomeness, here's a little bit o' the Pix!

Photos by Laurie Cinotto

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