Friday, November 22, 2013

Best of: Wintery Wreath Making

This week I gathered some materials from the woods and fashioned an autumn wreath. I prefer my wreaths a bit wild, so I incorporated some foraged wolf lichen and a couple other lichens that I can't identify off the top of my head. I also allowed the branch tips to stretch out as they saw fit: wreath trends! Monika termed this technique witchy. Fine by me...

The key to making your own wreath is to collect flexible branches. For the wreath base, I chose green saplings, willow and some thoroughly soaked mossy branches from I don't remember what kind of tree. I field tested the strength of the branches by bending them into circles and tossed all the brittle branches back into the woods. As nature intended. To form the wreath, bend the main branches into a circle, cross the ends, and fasten with waxed thread or fishing line. Weave the other branches in and out until you've created a strong circle. Then just weave the special bits in. No glue necessary!

Image via Design* Sponge

Floral stylist extraordinaire and Design* Sponge contributor, Amy Merrick, made this lovely autumn wreath by embellishing a store-bought grapevine wreath. Instructions for the DIY can be found here. If you have a moment, you might want to visit Amy's blog or website...if only to look at pictures of her beautiful arrangements and marvel at her talent. 

These lovely winter wreaths are the work of Emily Thompson for Martha Stewart Living. While there isn't a photo tutorial for these wreaths, Emily does provide brief written instructions on creating the unique shapes. You can find the gallery here or visit Emily's website for more of her phenomenal work.

This simple bay leaf wreath was crafted by floral designer and stylist, Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! and photographed by Lisa Warninger. It's bright and happy greeness is the perfect antidote to the gray days of winter in the Pacific Northwest. Find Chelsea's tutorial here.

Image by Design* Sponge

This lovely wreath was cobbled together by Grace Bonney and crew from Design* Sponge using bits and pieces from their studio's collection. I think my most favorite part of this post, aside from the stellar tutorial on serious for real wreath-making, is that Grace writes about often having flower drying 'experiments' around the shop. As you might imagine, this strikes a chord with the specimen collector in me. Flowers, seed pods, feathers, dead turtle's shells... You know, witchy things. Full circle!

P.S. If you'd rather not tromp through the woods to forage for wreath materials, maybe you'd like to try your hand at making Catherine's paper wreath.

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