Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY: Tassel Necklace

Do you ever have a hankering to make a necklace and aren't sure what to do? Problem solved. Make a tassel necklace, it's easy and you can make it any color you want to adorn any outfit...

 Meet your supplies; glue gun, yarn, scissors, jewelry pliers, and jewelry devices.

To make your tassel wrap the yarn around a flat object, then pull off the yarn loop and cut one of the sides. Tie your tassel off in the center and fluff it. I understand this isn't the best DIY tassel instructions, but if my vague explanation doesn't cut it for you, check this out.

You'll need some kind of jewelry cap so you can super glue the tassel in to it and attach it to the chain with your jewelry pliers.

Then you can wear your tassel necklace out and show it off all day long.

*What do you know? We just found another excellent tassel necklace tutorial by Claire of Fellow Fellow on the Say Yes to Hoboken blog. Well, if great minds don't just think alike...

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